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Michael Jackson - HIStory / Ghosts (1997)
Michael Jackson
HIStory / Ghosts
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Michael Jackson - Off The Wall / Thriller (2004)
Michael Jackson
Off The Wall / Thriller
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Other - 25 Jaar Pop Muziek 1983 (1988)
Various Artists
25 Jaar Pop Muziek 1983
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Janet Jackson is the younger sister of the singing Jackson brothers. She released her first album in 1982; her career really took off with the 1986 album Control, which included the hit single "What Have You Done For Me Lately?" She quickly became a regular fixture in pop music and on MTV, known for her smartly sexy songs and high-energy dancing.

Jermaine Jackson is the lone Jackson family member which stayed with Motown while the other brothers split for CBS/Epic, he enjoyed an artistically diffident career during the '70s at Motown, surfacing with an occasional hit like a remake of "Daddy's Home" (1972) and "Let's Be Young Tonight" (1975). Jermaine got a badly needed shot in the arm from Stevie Wonder, who wrote and produced "Let's Get Serious," a Top Ten pop and soul dance hit. After scoring a Top 20 pop hit in 1982 with the infectious "Let Me Tickle Your Fancy," Jermaine left Motown in 1983 for Arista Records, where he scored a pair of hits in 1984 with "Do What You Do" and the scintillating dance number "Dynamite." 

In 1980, La Toya released her sef-titled debut. Besides the top 40 R&B and dance success of her first single, "If You Feel The Funk", the album failed to generate an audience. Her three subsequent albums afterwards also showcased limited success, although she scored a Billboard Hot 100 hit with 1984's "Heart Don't Lie" single, which peaked at #56.
In 1989, the Bad Girl album was released. To this day, the Bad Girl album is one of the few albums in her catalog that is still in print, and can be found under various titles and covers.

Randy Jackson joined his older brothers in The Jackson 5 at age 11 (1972) playing the conga, but did not sing until he and his family began performing their act in Las Vegas. In 1976, after moving to CBS Records and changing their name to The Jacksons, Randy was named as the newest member of the group after Jermaine left to have a solo career in the group's former label, Motown. Randy was prepping for his own solo album around that time and one of his singles, "How Can I Be Sure?", featured the first recording of sisterJanet on the b-side of the song titled "Love Song For Kids". Randy never got to release the album as he suffered injuries from a car crash around 1979. In 1984, he was thrust into the forefront of his brothers 'Victory' tour after Jackie's leg injury forced him to the sidelines. Afterwards, Randy and his brothers Jackie and Tito became renowned session musicians for other acts during this time. The trio recorded the title track to the film, 'The Burglar', in 1987.

Talent is known to run in some families and seems to all but flash flood in others. The members of the group 3T are a perfect case in point. Sons of Tito Jackson, talented brothers  Taj, Taryll and TJ call the extraordinary Michael Jackson uncle and famed singer Janet Jackson aunt. The three young Jacksons studied and performed together for years, perfecting their vocal style and learning by watching. The group started out under the name Three T's, but later shortened it to simply 3T. In 1992, the handsome threesome got the chance to write musical numbers for a television series about some members of their famous family, The Jacksons: An American Dream. 3T also worked on soundtracks for the movies Free Willy and Free Willy 2. In 1995, 3T released its debut album, 'Brotherhood', under the Sony Records label. 

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